About Us

After The Bell provides and manages the highest quality outside school hours care programs for primary schools.  Born out of the need to improve upon the quality of care being offered to children at schools, we design programs specifically tailored to compliment the schools visions, goals and philosophies. We pride ourselves on delivering star quality.

After The Bell Aus is a sincere Company with a straightforward vision and a passion drive for success in the Child Care Industry. We believe there is an amazing amount to be achieved by caring for children in the Early Years and School Aged Care years.

After The Bell Aus provides exceptional care that provides a consistent and caring environment in which young people feel safe and secure.

Our dedicated Educators and Head Office staff ensure families and Schools needs are achieved and continues to growth through communication, partnership and quality delivery.

After The Bell, we are genuinely interested in the welfare of the children. Positive and frequent communication is essential. We view their opinion on our activity programs and breakfast/afternoon menus as equally important as their parents....after all; they are the ones who have to it our healthy food.  You see, we work hard to ensure the children actually want to come to our Out of School Hours Care activities.

Our Experience


Our Star Quality Corporate Partners

Partnership is an overused yet frequently under-valued word. However, partnership is what we do best at After The Bell OSHC when we work with different businesses in providing child care.  Our reputation depends on it.

Some of the work we do includes the provision of Family Fun Days. We package up a program so the children experience the greatest amount of fun as possible. We supply and provide jumping castles, face painting, hip hop dancing, baking, craft and arts, miniature animal farms etc. The day is filled with physical exercise as well as creative development. It’s a star offering.



Our Philosophy & Goals

After The Bell builds on high quality care practices for families and children that utilise our Before School Care, After School Care, Pupil free days and Vacation care programs. Through a supportive and inclusive community focused model, we provide families with an affordable, quality children’s service.

Our programs are inclusive, never exclusive as we celebrate the cultural diversities amongst all the children and respectfully acknowledge the various socio-economic backgrounds. We value the importance of play by providing creative and stimulating experiences whilst supporting the growth and development from primary to middle school. We value this stage of growth and development as an opportunity to further explore and develop life skills where children can reach their own individual potential.

Star Quality Staff

After The Bell OSHC provide personal attention from all levels within the organisation. Our OSHC Educators and Assistants are all trained in first aid, anaphylaxis, asthma, child protection, food handling as well as having complied with police checks, VIT and working with children checks. Combining this with exceptionally trained and qualified senior management guarantees star quality staff.

After The Bell OSHC staff adopts an enthusiastic interest in all things that affect the school community. We are not too big to care for any school, their parents or their students.  Our staff really cares.

Our Star Quality Children

The measure of our success is determined by what we refer to as ‘our shareholders’...the 5 to 12 year olds and 5-15 years old for our SDS children who attend our programs.  Rather than reviewing the ROI’s, EBITs tax deductions, we measure the width and breadth of the children’s smiles, their level of enthusiasm and communicate their experiences with the CEO. At the end of the day, out contractual agreement includes the children and its imperative After the Bell meet their obligations as well as the Department of Education and Early Development.

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