Vacation Care Program

Welcome to After The Bell OSHC Vacation Care Programs. We cater for children 5-12 years of age (mainstream programs) and 5-15years (Special Developmental School Programs). Our program operates from various locations in Victoria. Our programs are filled with fun and exciting activities with amazing excursions and incursions. We ensure all our children have fun each day in a safe, stimulating and friendly environment.

All families are eligible for the Government Rebate, It can cost you as little as $6.71 per day/per child for over 10 hours of care.

Please select the Vacation Care Program Flyer to view the planned program on offer, as well as location details, cost and operational times.

What does my child need to bring?

Please ensure that your child has a snack for morning tea, a nutritional lunch and a refillable bottle. We ask parents not to pack their children’s bag with soft drinks, lollies and chips. After The Bell follows the Heart Foundation, Healthy Together programs and Nutrition Australia policy and promotes healthy eating at our programs. Children will have the opportunity to cook each day and some of these foods are classified as special treats for the children. Please do not send your child with any food that requires heating or cooking. Please note that some days we will be providing lunch for the children, please read the program carefully.

Dress Code

Children must bring a hat, sunscreen (if program suncreen is not suitable) and comfortable clothes (be mindful of the weather conditions). If your child does not bring a hat in September to May sunsmart period.

You will be required to pay a hat fee on the day of attendance if your child does not come to the program with a sunsmart approved hat in sunsmart periods. Children must wear the appropriate footwear at all times (no thongs, high heels,  crocs, singlet tops in summer). Remember no hat means no outdoor play.

Strictly no Gameboys, Digimons, Tablets, Nintendos, Mobile Phone, iPods and any other form of electronic games and devices. Toys of value should not be brought to the program. No spending money is to be given to your child.

Incursion and Excursion Days

On designated excursions days, it is very important that you drop your child/ren at the program at least 30 mins before the set departure time scheduled on the program. The bus and Educators will not wait for those who are late. On the days incursions take place at the program, it is advised to arrive at the program 20mins prior to the scheduled incursion time on the flyer. This is to ensure your child does not miss out on the incursion. On non-excursion days children can arrive at any time. Remember to look at the program details for times.


When a child’s behaviour is deemed unsafe to him/her or other children and Educators, or if the child’s behaviour is intrusive to another person’s enjoyment then the behaviour management process will take place. For the company’s Behaviour Management policy and procedure please refer to the Parent/Guardian Handbook.

Children with Additional Needs

After The Bell OSHC supports all children with additional needs from 5-12 years of age in our mainstream programs and 5-15 years in our SDS programs. Parents/Guardians who would like to enrol their child/ren with additional needs are required to contact Head Office on (03) 9758 6744 four weeks prior to the Vacation Care program due date. This allows us to provide appropriate care and apply for extra funding to support your child/ren’s additional needs, without this additional needs information, support cannot be provided. All respite payment must be finalised two weeks before each Vacation Care first day commencement date. It is important to read the Vacation Care Terms and Conditions.


Enrolment, Bookings and Cancellations

To make an enrolment/booking, visit our website and complete an online Enrolment Form, Vacation Care Program Booking Form, Direct Debit Form and other supportive documentation. Paper version of the Enrolment Form and Booking Form is also available on the website under the resource tab. To accept your child into our Vacation Care Program a current Enrolment Form must be completed and approved by our Enrolments Department, once your enrolment has been accepted/confirmed by the Enrolments Department this will enable you to use all After The Bell OSHC care services and make a booking or for Head Office to process your pending booking you made prior to enrolling.

All fees must be payable and cleared before your child/ren commence(s) the Vacation Care program, otherwise your booking cannot be confimed/accepted. Payments for the Vacation Care program will be debited from your nominated bank account or credit card on the days specified in the terms and conditions. Note there is a cut off date when direct debiting will not occur during Vacation Care booking period, after this date only credit card payment over the phone or via our online credit card entry can be accepted.

Please make sure you have read the Parent/Guardian Handbook, terms and conditions and the information on the online booking system. All Vacation Care booking requests must be made online through a PC only. After The Bell Aus will not be held responsible for bookings or Enrolment/Forms submitted through a tablet or phone or PDA device, if they are incorrect, incomplete or not received, this is at your own risk. If you have not received a Parent/Guardian Handbook request a copy by emailing or calling our Head Office Administration Officer ( and please ensure to read the bookings, cancellation and payment policies and procedures, as it will vary for Vacation Care.

Read through our Holiday Program Terms & Conditions. Please ensure you have read this terms and conditions.

When you complete and submit an Enrolment Form for your child.  It can take up to 24hours before a confirmation email is provided to you, though if it is 3 weeks prior to Vacation Care periods or during Vacation Care the enrolment process can take up to one week to confirm. This is due to last minute enrolment forms being submitted. This process is from the time the Enrolments Department has confirmed all the required information on your child's Enrolment Form. From this confirmation email you can then book into any one of our services or your pending booking request made will be processed once enrolment has been confirmed. Children that require additional needs assessment and/or require a risk minimisation plan the enrolment confirmation process will take longer. These processes are in place to ensure we best cater to your childs needs.


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