September/ October 2019 Vacation Care Terms and Conditions

  1. After The Bell Aus will not accept a child into any of its OSHC programs without a current and complete Enrolment Form, which includes all applicable supporting documentation and the company’s nominated direct debit financier form. Any VAC booking forms that are submitted before a confirmed Enrolment form will be discarded. You are only able to make a VAC booking with a confirmed current enrolment, as directed by the Enrolments Department and your account does not have an outstanding debt.
  2. You accept and understand the Early Bird Rate is only until the first three weeks of the booking period of the VAC location the booking request is made for. Additional program charges stated on the Vacation Care flyer are added to the Early Bird/ Normal Rate. Early Bird Rate only applies to Victorian Mainstream programs. The Early Bird rates end on the stated date, hence the importance to have sufficient funds in the nominated credit card account and correct credit card information entered.

  3. July VAC period Direct Debit from the entered Credit Card on the booking request form will be used for booking selected cost from the 16th September 2019. Booking cannot be confirmed until full payment has cleared.

  4. Once Credit Card payment of booking days have successfully cleared, the account holder will be emailed a statement to the email address provided upon enrolment. The statement confirms the days booked/ available and the amount direct debited from the Credit Card entered on the booking request form. 
  5. Period for bookings that are under an Approve Respite or Inclusion Support Program or NDIS users with After The Bell Aus will only be accepted until the 2nd September 2019, 4pm. All Respite/ NDIS payment must be finalised and cleared a week before the Vacation Care period commences. If invoice is not finalised care cannot be provided. It is to be noted that Child Care Subsidy is not claimable under NDIS requirements. Families who have Inclusion Support Program Funding can only access the funding if they have an up to date funding plan and that the funding plan includes Vacation Care. If this is not the case, then ISP funding cannot be provided, and additional care cost will be charged for staffing, if they wish for their child to attend the VAC program. All ISP funding must be approved two weeks prior to the first week of the VAC period.
  6. Once a booking is made, only the out of pocket costs based on the full fee amount are confirmed. The amount considering Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is an estimate only, if applicable to the account holder. The exact amount will not be known until the attendances have been submitted to CCSS and have been calculated and confirmed by the Government, which can take up to 2 weeks from the last day of the Vacation Care program period.
  7. It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure they have confirmed After The Bell in their MyGov account. After The Bell Aus may provide a courtesy reminder to reactivate the enrolment approval with a timeframe. If the account holder does not have an active CCS link with After The Bell full fee is payable.
  8. If the account holder has been debited the full rate and after the debit time the account holder activates their CCS entitlements with us. After The Bell will not provide a CCS credit refund that appears on the account (if applicable). The credit will remain for future use in BSC, ASC and VAC. If the child/ren do not attend BSC, ASC and VAC the CCS credit will only be refunded after the end of the following VAC period once the attendance rolls are submitted to CCS.
  9. Once a booking request form is received, the selected days are confirmed and After The Bell Aus will retrieve the full Vacation Care cost, less any applicable estimated CCS entitlements. After The Bell Aus will debit this amount by means nominated via the Vacation Care online request booking form. After The Bell Aus will continue to use these means and direct debit form provided until the Vacation Care account with After The Bell Aus is at nil balance, this includes any adjustments from CCS, dishonour fees and declination fees. Full payment is required as After The Bell Aus will not accept part payments.
  10. During the first 4 weeks of this booking period the account holder can make changes to their booking, such as cancelling or swapping days, without incurring fees or penalties. A week before the VAC period commences no changes can be made, as no refund applies.
  11. The account holder will receive a statement one business day prior to the debit occurring. Should a payment decline the account holder will be notified via email. In this case the original booking request will be removed and discarded from our system, and a new booking request must be completed via our online system. Any Early Bird or other promotional offers will not be honoured.

  12. Payment for Vacation Care bookings placed during the last 1- 2 weeks of the booking period for the VAC location booked at (1-2 weeks before the commencement of school holidays) and during the school holiday period will be taken the same day the booking request is received by our Head Office and an email statement provided after the debit has been sucessfully taken.
  13. Once the School Holiday period has commenced, any cancellation made for a confirmed booking cannot be refunded or credited. There is also no option to swap days.
  14. You acknowledge that on selected days there may be a limit of children accepted into the program. The limit set is at the discretion of After The Bell Aus. Once capacity has been reached, your child/ren will be placed on a waiting list and contacted if a place becomes available. 
  15. If a booking is made after the Early Bird period, After The Bell Aus cannot guarantee a place nor can they guarantee all supplies will be available to your child that day to complete the scheduled activity that day. This is due to last minute bookings request.
  16. It is the responsibility of the account holder to contact After The Bell Aus Head Office if they have not received a confirmation / statement of their booking but understand and acknowledge that full payment will be debited and selected days are booked in regardless.
  17. Paying via Credit Card, the payee must ensure they have provided a valid credit card number and card expiration date. If at any stage Credit Card details change, they payee must complete and forward a new booking request form to enable the booking request to be processed. After The Bell Aus will not be held responsible for charges incurred due to incorrect account / credit card information provided incorrectly/invalid and non-notification, the dishonour fee will still be applied, even if payment is due to a declination. After The Bell Aus means of notification is via email.
  18. Bookings are immediately suspended and booking request form discarded, upon a dishonoured/ declination direct debit or dishonoured/failed credit card transaction or invalid credit card details provided. Applicable dishonour fees will apply. A new request will be required to be made if you wish to book again with available funds. Places will not be held if payment dishonours/declines/ or cannot be processed due to invalid details provided. After The Bell Aus will notify the account holder of any dishonour/ declination via email. Calls cannot be made during this period due to the volume of enquires in this period.
  19. The Educators at the programs have the right to refuse entry into on After The Bell Aus program if payment has not been made in full, the enrolment process has not been completed and / or if your child/ren are not on the attendance roll, or if applicable have not provided the required medications or devices to cater to your child's health need. It is vital to ensure you have provided an up to date enrolment form and that it has been confirmed/approved by the enrolments department. We ask you to avoid last minute enrolment and bookings, as this can hold up the process in accessing the program.
  20. After The Bell Aus have a one Educator to fifteen children ratio for in-house days (mainstream programs). Though programs that have attendees under twelve children will run as a single staff program for a portion of the day. Outside play is limited or until a two-staff ratio is present. After The Bell Aus has a single staff policy and procedure located in the parent handbook and at the program. The educator will always take children outside in the Licensed areas unless it is on an excursion/ routine outing.  
  21. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure they have looked and read the evacuation procedure at the location where their child attends, as well as any important notices, licensed areas, VAC flyer, posters pertaining to where their child will be, as signing the enrolment form and submitting the online booking form acknowledges and accepted licensed areas activities, excursions, incursions, routine outings.
  22. If no CCS information and authorisation of enrolment with CCS is provided, or this information is not correct, the full cost of Vacation Care will be charged. If the required information is provided after the full fee amount has been debited, the entitlements will be applied retrospectively. Should this adjustment result in the account going into credit, this amount will not be refunded, but put towards future After The Bell Aus care. Refunds can be applied for only after the last day of the following Vacation Care period. After The Bell Aus is not obliged to call or email a parent who has provided incorrect or non-activation of CCS information, though one courtesy email will be sent to the account holder’s email address provided on the child’s enrolment form, upon enrolment.
  23. It is the responsibility of the person making the Vacation Care booking request to ensure that the days selected on the booking request form are correct before submission, as subsequent changes will incur an administrative fee. You acknowledge that once you have submitted your child/ren’s Booking Request Form it confirms all days selected and relevant fees incurred and understand once submit it confirms the requested days as booked and await a statement/ confirmation before selected requested care days can commence.
  24. All booking requests have to be made by no later than 12.00pm the business day before care is required in order to confirm availability, payment and placement. If care is required on a Monday, the booking request therefore has to be received prior to 12.00pm on Friday, as Head Office is only attended during 9.00am till 4.30pm on business days.
  25. Bookings requests will be only be processed during Head Office business hours, excluding federal and Victoria/QLD/NSW metro Public Holidays and during Victorian EST.
  26. Once the VAC period commences there are no refunds given for cancellations due to change of work circumstances, change of mind or if your child/ren is/are absent due to illness, even if a medical certificate is provided. Policies and procedures are to be followed. There are no refunds for natural events such as floods, power outages due to weather conditions that is out of our hands, closure due to snow and/or fire, closure due extreme weather conditions that effects the operations of the service and cause risk to the duty of care to educators and children. All notifications of closure will be made via email and phone call to the account holder, with as much time notice as possible.
  27. Programs that do not have enough minimum attendances (12 children mainstream and 7 children ASD programs) for their VAC program may be cancelled. After The Bell Aus endeavours to inform affected families no later than one week prior to the commencement of the affected program.
  28. If there are outstanding Before and After School Care and/or past Vacation Care debts, the child’s booking may not be processed until payment is made in full and funds are cleared. This may include late fees, dishonour fees, admin charges and / or debt collection fees.
  29. I agree and consent to all After The Bell Aus debiting systems and all fees that I may incur by using After The Bell Aus Vacation Care incursions, excursions, additional day charges, late payment fees, late Administration fee, dishonour fees, swapping fees, cancellation fees, and late pick up fees.
  30. All incursions and excursions have limited capacity; your place is not confirmed until you received an official email to confirm your booking, along with cleared payment. Incursions include having an external provider coming to the program or high equipment cost for the day.
  31. If your child or children misbehaviour or not follow the program behaviour guidance rules and safety rules in accordance with After The Bell Aus behaviour guidance and occupational health and safety procedures. After The Bell Aus will not he held liable if your child or children is injury, accident, incident, trauma, illness resulting in not following the program behaviour guidance rules, occupational health and safety guidelines and After The Bell Aus policies and procedures. I accept that my child or children can be removed immediately from the program as a result of continued and/or serious misbehaviour. After The Bell Aus staff members will contact the parent / guardian, who will be required to collect the child immediately. Refunds will not be given. Please refer to the Parent / Guardian Handbook for information regarding the behaviour guidance procedures and policies. I accept that After The Bell Aus and its employees will not be liable or accounted responsible if my child or children do not comply with behaviour guidance and occupational health and safety procedures.
  32. I understand and acknowledge that I must ensure that my child/ren have a snack for morning tea, a nutritional lunch and a refillable drink bottle. I will not send my child/ren to the program with food that requires heating or cooking. I understand I must read the program carefully as some programmed days After The Bell Aus are supplying lunch to my child/ren.
  33. I acknowledge that my child/ren must bring a sun smart approved hat during the September to May period. If no hat is supplied, or the hat does not meet sun smart guidelines, I acknowledge that After The Bell Aus will provide a hat fee will be charged to my account every time a hat is provided.
  34. I acknowledge that sunscreen and comfortable clothing appropriate to weather conditions and excursion conditions must be provided. I acknowledge that my child/ren cannot wear thongs or high heels to the Vacation Care venue.
  35. I acknowledge that the following items are not permitted at the Vacation Care venues: Gameboys, Digimons, Nintendo’s, mobile phone, iPods, tablets, DS, PS, spending money (unless program specifies money allowance), toys of value and other electronic games. If any of these items are brought to the program, they will be removed from the child by the Educator for safe keeping until the child is collected at the end of the day. If a child brings an unauthorised item to Vacation Care and educators are not made aware of this, After The Bell Aus will not be held liable for any damage and / or theft. Communication devices such as a tablet is permitted at our ASD/SDS programs or for a child attending our mainstream services with additional needs.
  36. I authorise and consent to After The Bell Aus transporting my child/ren for the purpose of an excursion or program routine outing via the means stated on the Enrolment Form and Parent Handbook. I authorise and consent for After The Bell Aus to take my child or children within the approved Department of Education Licensed area. The Licensed areas are indicated at the program or by the parent/guardian asking an educator at the program. I acknowledge I have read any risk assessment pertaining to the location my child or children are attending and for applicable incursions and excursions.
  37. I agree that due to the structure of the After The Bell Aus Vacation Care and staffing requirements, I acknowledge that my child/ren will not have the choice to remain at the program venue when an excursion day has been scheduled.
  38. I understand that on incursion days’ children are to be at the program by no later than 9.00am, unless another time are specified on the booking form.
  39. I acknowledge and agree to all arrival and departure times on the Vacation Care flyer and understand that the transport provided will depart from the Vacation Care venue on time and understand that the form of transportation schedule may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  40. I acknowledge that I have read the Risk Assessment on the website or at the program regarding all excursions or routine outings my child/ren participates in. I understand that I can also view all Risk Assessments pertaining to the current Vacation Care venue I select and the route of travel the transport service will take. I understand and acknowledge that by signing my child/ren into the program on a day where a Risk Assessment has been completed, I have accepted all Occupational Health and Safety risk associated with the relevant activity held on that day and the excursion event. I have accepted all Occupational Health and Safety risk associated with the relevant activity, outing held on that day and any centre base activities in the licensed areas. After The Bell Aus will not be liable or account for any accident, injury, trauma pertaining to your child whilst in care.
  41. I understand that scheduled excursions may not occur during extreme/severe/catastrophic fire danger days; After The Bell Aus will either postpone or provide an alternative activity of equal value where possible, no refund will be provided. All notifications of closure will be made via email and phone call to the account holder.
  42. You have consented and authorise your child to attend the booked excursion day that you have booked and paid for. By reading and accepting the excursion risk assessment you have provided acceptance to the location of the excursion, the date of the excursion, the proposed travel route (located at the program parent sign in area), method of transport to and from the OSHC venue to the excursion location, the duration of time of the excursion, the proposed activity at the excursion, number of children likely to attend, the anticipated staff to child ratio for the excursion and for the purpose of supervision.
  43.  I understand and acknowledge Vacation Care days may be cancelled if the CFA has directed After The Bell Aus to close the program. The session rate for the affected days will not be refunded in these occurrences. All notifications of closure will be made via email and phone call to the account holder.
  44. I understand and acknowledge that if the CFA or emergency services has declared a Red Code Day for Emerald and Mater Christi the affected days will be cancelled. The session rate for the affected days will not be refunded in these occurrences. All notifications of closure will be made via email and phone call to the account holder. Please ensure you refer to the parent/guardian handbook for policies and procedures pertaining to fire and natural disaster days.
  45. The After The Bell Aus Parent / Guarding handbook is provided upon enrolment and with updated reviews. The Parent/Guardian Handbook form part of these terms and condition. Additional copies can be obtained by contacting
  46. I acknowledge that After The Bell Aus is required to disclose information to the Department of Education and other government agencies, as all OSHC services are governed by both Departments. I understand that After The Bell Aus adheres The Department of Education and Training (DET) National Frameworks and to the Privacy Act 1988 and will ensure that information in my child/ren's Enrolment records are not divulged to another person unless necessary for the care or education of my child/ren, to manage medical treatment of my child/ren, where expressly authorised by the parent, prescribed in the National Law and National Law The Act, if required by law or in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Information Act 2000.
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