Grey Street Primary School July 2019 Vacation Care Program [Booking Request Only]

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Mon 01-Jul-2019 Animal Safari 72.00
Tue 02-Jul-2019 Secret Life Of Pets 2 [Excursion] 92.00
Wed 03-Jul-2019 Pyjama Day- Lunch Provided 77.00
Thu 04-Jul-2019 Scienceworks Here We Come [Excursion] 99.00
Fri 05-Jul-2019 Stamp Your Passport 72.00
Mon 08-Jul-2019 Camping Fun 72.00
Tue 09-Jul-2019 A Touch Of Winter 72.00
Wed 10-Jul-2019 A World of Magic Awaits You [Excursion] 99.00
Thu 11-Jul-2019 Extreme Energy - Lunch Provided [Excursion] 99.00
Fri 12-Jul-2019 Mystical Day 72.00
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By booking your child/ children in the above selected excursion date/s and submitting the Vacation Booking. You as the approved authorised person acknowledges, acceptes and provides authorisation to the selected excursion/s. You acknowledge that you have read the Risk Assessment on the website regarding the excursion/s your child/ren will be participating in.

By reading and accepting the excursion Risk Assessment you have provided acceptance to the location of the excursion, the date of the excursion, the proposed travel route, method of transport to and from the After The Bell Aus OSHC venue to the excursion location, the duration of time of the excursion, the proposed activity at the excursion, number of children likely to attend, the anticipated staff to child ratio for the excursion and for the purpose of supervision.

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Disclaimer: I understand and acknowledge once I have submitted the online Vacation Care Booking Request it is a confirmation of my child/renís individual booking day/s and will be processed with the days selected. I understand and accept that After The Bell Aus will use my nominated payment method for the total Vacation Care costs and any past debt amounts once the Vacation Care request booking form has been processed and until my account is at a zero balance. It is my responsibility to contact After The Bell Aus Head Office if I have not received a statement after submitting the Vacation Care Booking Request and/or if booked days do not reflect my online Vacation Care booking request. I accept any applicable dishonour/ declination fee associated with this booking request as a result of insufficient funds or incorrect banking details provided or not providing updated banking details. I understand that submitting this booking request form from a non-PC device is at my own risk.

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