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What’s Important to you is also important to us

At After The Bell OSHC, we understand that for Principals, it’s imperative that the OSHC service at their school provides children with a sense of belonging, not just to a family but to the entire school community. The OSHC service also needs to be the most developmentally appropriate environment to meet the ‘play and care’ needs of school age children.

We also appreciate that for Principals, their OSHC services need to understand the enormous responsibility they have to provide the very best opportunities and appropriate environments for the children at their school.

Important questions asked by Principals

Can the service offer an environment that meets the emotional needs of the children?

After The Bell believes that in order to achieve a high quality OSHC service, it is essential to create an environment that meets the emotional, physical and developmental needs of all children. This environment is interactive at all levels.

We make certain the children who attend OSHC feel a sense of belonging that is nurturing and safe. After The Bell OSHC makes every effort to ensure that Educators and children respect each other’s personalities, abilities, temperaments, cultures, lifestyles and family structures.

The program fosters self-esteem and aims to empower the individual, reflecting awareness of the changing emotional needs of the individual and the group. Children are encouraged to identify and express their feelings in a program fostering understanding, respect, dignity, honesty, affection, challenge, reliability, trust, and comfort

How is a partnership between the Principal and After The Bell established?

Each principal and After The Bell agrees upon a statement of aims which are designed around individual schools and their needs. For us, we hope that by partnering with your school, we will help children to develop:

  • Self-esteem, liking for themselves
  • Comfort with the appreciation of differences among people
  • Self confidence, courage and resilience
  • A sense of belonging to the group and to the local community
  • Compassion and caring for others
  • Conviction that they can change things, have an impact and make a difference
  • Optimism, hope for the future
  • Love of learning
  • Openness, a critical questioning approach
  • Willingness to preserve
  • A sense of humour
  • The ability to have fun and laugh
  • Respect and caring for other people and for the physical environment
  • Skills of negotiation
  •  The ability to function effectively as a member of a group

After The Bell OSHC provides an environment is healthy and hygienic.

Indoor and outdoor areas are cleaned regularly and thoroughly with particular attention to food preparation and storage areas, meal areas and toilets.

After The Bell have strict policies and procedures relating to infection control including dealing with children who are sick. Hand washing facilities are provided separate to food preparation areas and Educators and children wash their hands regularly. Cleaning items for toilet areas, food area and play areas are clearly identified for use in these respective areas specifically.

All our Educators model a healthy lifestyle and encourage healthy, hygienic behaviours. Our service provides nutritious foods for snacks, meals and cooking activities and adequate intake of fluids is always encouraged. We follow the Heart Foundation eating guidelines. Specific food allergies and sensitivities as well as other individual food intake needs are accommodated.

We are happy to discuss the needs for your OSHC program and how we can provide an OSHC service to your school.

Call us today to discuss how After The Bell can meet your school and community needs on 03 9758 6744, as when you meet the Manager, you will see and hear how After The Bell can cater to your school community.

Communication and Partnership is a key factor to the success of an OSHC service and After The Bell can tick all your questions.

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